For Intended Parents: Common Myths About Third-Party Reproduction

parents using third party reproduction

Using third-party reproduction (egg donation and/or gestational surrogacy) can be an emotional process. While IVF has become increasingly well-recognized and discussed in popular media, third-party reproduction hasn’t gotten quite as much attention. This means there are some common misconceptions out there regarding egg donation and surrogacy. Here are a few myths about using third-party reproduction to start or grow your family:


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How Will The Egg Donation Process Affect My Body?

Egg donation is a wonderful, tangible way to help someone achieve their family dreams. People decide to donate their eggs for a number of reasons, but always out of the generous desire to help another family grow. Understandably, potential donors may have lots of questions about the donation process. In particular, those looking to donate their eggs often wonder how the process will affect their bodies. Compared to surrogacy, where a person offers to carry another parent’s child to term, egg donation has significantly lower physical, emotional, and time requirements for the donor. However, choosing to become a donor is still a major decision, and it’s important to be informed. We’ll discuss some of the main physical effects of the egg donation process here, so you can feel confident in your decision to help someone achieve their dreams of parenthood.


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Why Should Egg Donors and Recipients Synchronize Cycles?

If you’ve been looking at information on egg donation, you’ve probably noticed the phrases “cycle synchronization” or “synchronizing menstrual cycles” being used a lot. But what does this mean, and why is it important? In this post, we’ll discuss what menstrual cycle synchronization means, how it’s done, and why it’s a necessary part of the egg donation process.


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Will Insurance Cover My Donor Egg & Fertility Treatments?

infertility health insurance

Health insurance in the US can be tricky to navigate, especially when it comes to treatments that are often considered “non-essential” by health insurance providers. Unfortunately, most health insurance providers do not cover the vast majority of infertility tests, drugs, and treatments, including egg donation. This can be a major source of stress for couples that are trying to grow their families through IVF treatments or assisted pregnancy. We’re here to give you some helpful info about how to figure out what is (or isn’t) covered by your plan and how to get the coverage you need.


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How To Donate Your Eggs As A Full-Time Student

full time student egg donation

One of the most common questions we get here at Bright Expectations, is how to manage a full-time school schedule with the responsibilities of egg donation. While egg donation is one of the quickest ways to make a significant dent in your college loan debt, it is a commitment that requires some planning on your end to make it work. Luckily, we’re here to help you figure it out! Many of our best donors are college students, so we’ve put together this guide to making egg donation work as a full-time student.

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Having Children As A Same-Sex Male Couple – How Does It Work?

same sex couple discussing having children

When it comes to having children as a same-sex male couple, there are a few different paths you can take. Many gay couples choose to adopt or foster children, but what happens when you want to have a child that is biologically yours? 

Here at Bright Expectations, we can help make that dream a reality through egg donation and gestational surrogacy


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Preparing to Donate Your Eggs – How to Get Ready for Egg Donation

woman reading about preparing to donate eggs

Donating your eggs is a great way to make a little extra income and help a family in need, but requires some preparation on the part of the egg donor. What exactly do you need to do while preparing to donate your eggs?

The Egg Donation Process

It’s best to start preparing to donate before registering with an agency. Preparing early ensures you’re ready to start as soon as you’re accepted. After you complete your registration and are accepted into our exclusive donor database, the first step in the donation process is getting matched with intended parents. When someone chooses you from our database, one of our case managers will get in touch and move the process forward. 

Once you’ve been chosen as an egg donor, we’ll bring you in for a series of appointments to make sure you’re healthy and ready to donate. These visits will involve various medical, psychological, genetic, and, of course, fertility screenings.

When you’re cleared by our medical team, you’ll start on birth control pills to sync up with the cycle of the egg recipient. As you get closer to the egg retrieval date, our doctors will start you on a series of hormone injections that will promote ovulation. During the course of these injections, we’ll determine when the best time to retrieve your eggs is. Once the egg retrieval operation is finished, your part in the process is complete. 

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Who Needs An Egg Donor Anyway?

Couple who might use egg donor for assisted pregnancy

There is a common misconception that donor eggs are only useful to a small demographic of people that are trying to conceive. Many people think that gay couples or women over 45 are the only people that use donor eggs during the IVF process. As one of the world’s top egg donation clinics, we’ve seen that there are many reasons one might use a donor egg to make their parenting dreams a reality. 

Donor eggs can be a great solution for assisted pregnancy for all types of couples and individuals. At Bright Expectations, we’ve helped many different kinds of people achieve their parenting dreams. Here are some common situations where a donor egg was the right choice for assisted pregnancy:

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Ready to be an Egg Donor? – What Should You Look for in an Agency?

young woman researching egg donation agencies on her phone

Donating your eggs can be a tricky process to navigate, especially if you’re donating for the first time. How do you make sure that you’ll find the best egg donation agency for your needs? At Bright Expectations, we want you to be informed, comfortable, and excited about the egg donation process from start to finish. 

As an egg donor, doing your research is critical when choosing an agency. What exactly should you be looking for when choosing an egg donation agency? Obviously, this question will always depend on what’s most important to you, but here are some things that we’ve noticed make a big difference for donors that choose Bright Expectations. 


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In Depth: Egg Donor Matching Process

egg donation matching process

If you are considering donating your eggs, you may want to know a little more about the process of being matched with prospective parents.

Much care is taken to respect your privacy and needs as well as create the right environment for interested parties to find your information. People seek egg donors for a variety of reasons, but there are commonalities among those who are looking for a donor. Also, the matching process tends to be similar across agencies.

Here’s a rundown of the matching process plus a little about why egg donors are needed.

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