Will Insurance Cover My Donor Egg & Fertility Treatments?

infertility health insurance

Health insurance in the US can be tricky to navigate, especially when it comes to treatments that are often considered “non-essential” by health insurance providers. Unfortunately, most health insurance providers do not cover the vast majority of infertility tests, drugs, and treatments, including egg donation. This can be a major source of stress for couples that are trying to grow their families through IVF treatments or assisted pregnancy. We’re here to give you some helpful info about how to figure out what is (or isn’t) covered by your plan and how to get the coverage you need.


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Future Fertility: If I Donate My Eggs, Can I Still Have Kids?

fertility after egg donation

Helping a family by donating eggs might get you thinking about the day when you start to create your own family. Chances are you don’t want a baby yourself right now, but someday you probably want to be a mom. Women who are thinking about donating sometimes worry that being so generous now could affect their own ability to have kids later. Here’s the short answer: it won’t. Whew!

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