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Bright Expectations is a full-service Egg Donation Agency located in Beverly Hills, CA. We’re dedicated to helping build families by finding the highest quality egg donors from across the country. Our private Egg Donor Database is made up of the best and brightest, giving intended parents a wealth of options when choosing their donor.

If you’re ready to become an egg donor, you can apply HERE. (Don’t forget to check out our Requirements first to make sure you’re an eligible donor!)

If you’re a prospective parent looking for an egg donor, you can learn more about the process on our Intended Parents page.

  • After completing the application, you are matched with intended parents.
  • Upon being matched, you will be scheduled for a medical screening and psychological evaluation at an SCRC location.
  • Once you’ve been medically cleared, you will be provided with an attorney who will assist and support you in reviewing your donor contract.
  • The clinic will provide you with a calendar outlining the medical protocol for the egg donation process and information on egg retrieval.
  • Once retrieval has taken place, our staff will follow up to ensure you are recovering well. Your commitment to the process is complete!
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Becoming an Egg Donor at Bright Expectations allowed me to start my own business, while helping a couple in need. I have now set myself up for the future, while helping a hopeful couple!

Anonymous Egg Donor

We found an amazing donor with Bright Expectations, who helped us fulfill our dreams of parenthood. Their team guided us every step of the way, and put our minds at ease throughout the entire cycle.

Anonymous Intended Parent

Bright Expectations allowed me to fulfill my calling of helping others through egg donation! I felt like I was treated with the best care, and always given a great deal of information every step of the way

Anonymous Egg Donor

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