Who Needs An Egg Donor Anyway?

Couple who might use egg donor for assisted pregnancy

There is a common misconception that donor eggs are only useful to a small demographic of people that are trying to conceive. Many people think that gay couples or women over 45 are the only people that use donor eggs during the IVF process. As one of the world’s top egg donation clinics, we’ve seen that there are many reasons one might use a donor egg to make their parenting dreams a reality. 

Donor eggs can be a great solution for assisted pregnancy for all types of couples and individuals. At Bright Expectations, we’ve helped many different kinds of people achieve their parenting dreams. Here are some common situations where a donor egg was the right choice for assisted pregnancy:

Same-Sex Couples

Same-sex male couples are the most common group of people seeking donor eggs because neither partner has their own biological eggs. In most cases, a couple will choose a surrogate that will then have a donor egg, fertilized with one partners sperm, implanted in their uterus. By using a donor egg that doesn’t belong to the surrogate, the couple can make sure they have an egg with the genetics they’ve chosen being carried by someone they trust as a surrogate. 

Women Going Through Cancer Treatments

Another extremely common use for donated eggs is for women who either have had or will have radiation treatment or chemotherapy. These treatments take a heavy toll on a person’s body and in most cases damage or drastically reduce the quality of their biological egg supply. Since women’s eggs don’t replenish over the course of their lifetime, this can be detrimental for someone trying to reproduce after having these treatments. 

In these cases, people often freeze some of their own eggs before going in for treatment or use a donor egg after the fact to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Sometimes chemo or radiation must be done suddenly and there isn’t time to go through the process of freezing one’s own eggs, and in these cases a donor egg is the best option. 

Women with Compromised Eggs or Poor Egg Quality

Some women are born with a smaller number of eggs or have a condition where their eggs are consistently low quality. This can result in risky pregnancy, genetic disorders being passed on, or birth defects. Many women with lower quality or compromised eggs will choose the route of an egg donor because they can ensure a safer and healthier pregnancy than they would have a chance at naturally. 

Repeated Failure with IVF Treatment

In some cases with unexplained infertility, couples will try multiple rounds of unsuccessful IVF treatment. This type of repeated failure is extremely frustrating, upsetting, and expensive. Many couples will opt for a donor egg in this situation because we can ensure a healthy egg, determine whether it will be a viable embryo, and safely implant the embryo with a higher chance of success than the couple’s previous rounds of IVF. 

Donor eggs are often the best course of action when a couple is diagnosed with unexplained infertility. With unexplained infertility, there is nothing obviously wrong with the reproductive system of either partner, and doctors have to do extensive testing and trial and error to try to find the cause of infertility. With a donor egg, you can bypass a lot of testing and implant a healthy embryo much faster, which generally leads to a successful pregnancy much quicker. 

Genetic Disease Carriers

Many carriers of genetic disease think a natural pregnancy is out of the question because they don’t want to pass their condition on to the next generation. Tay-Sachs disease, cystic fibrosis, and sickle cell anemia are just a few of the genetic disorders that can be passed along through pregnancy. With a donor egg, carriers of these diseases can ensure that their child won’t be born with a debilitating genetic condition. 


At Bright Expectations, we want everyone to know that donor eggs are not just for specific groups of people. Many people can benefit from the use of donor eggs and in some cases it’s the best way to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Whether you’re in a situation where a donor egg is a must, or if it’s just one of the available options for your specific IVF treatment plan, it’s worth talking to your doctor and doing some research into the topic to see if it’s the right choice for you. 

We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have about egg donation, donor eggs, or assisted pregnancy through donated eggs. Send us a message or give us a call and we’d be happy to talk with you about our process.