For Intended Parents: Common Myths About Third-Party Reproduction

parents using third party reproduction

Using third-party reproduction (egg donation and/or gestational surrogacy) can be an emotional process. While IVF has become increasingly well-recognized and discussed in popular media, third-party reproduction hasn’t gotten quite as much attention. This means there are some common misconceptions out there regarding egg donation and surrogacy. Here are a few myths about using third-party reproduction to start or grow your family:


Myth #1: There’s something wrong with me

Oftentimes, when intended parents learn they are unable to conceive traditionally, they feel lacking in some way. But the truth is, everyone’s journey to parenthood is different, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Advancements in reproductive science have made parenthood more accessible than ever before. Everyone deserves the opportunity to create their own family, and everyone’s journey is valid.


Myth #2: It won’t really be my baby

As countless adoptive families know, love is about way more than just genetic material. Studies have shown that parent-child bonding relies on lots of different factors other than shared DNA. And beyond that, the bonding process can look different for each family, even from child to child. It’s normal to feel a strong bond as soon as the pregnancy starts. It’s just as normal to not feel that bond right away. We have lots of resources to help answer any questions you have, but the most important thing is: a baby born from third-party reproduction is your baby because you chose to bring it into the world. That desire and love is what makes a family – everything else is extra.


Myth #3: Egg donors are just looking for a quick cashout

Because egg donors are young women, and because they receive compensation for their time and commitment, the misconception exists that donors are just looking to make some quick cash, or that the process takes advantage of young women in financial need. In reality, the vast majority of egg donors generously choose to donate because they truly, sincerely wish to help intended parents have children. The screening process ensures that all candidates are fully informed of the process, ramifications, and risks, so they can make fully educated decisions. 


Myth #4: Using third-party reproduction is really legally complicated

Of course, any process that involves the health and well-being of multiple people, including potential new life, is going to be complex. And the laws that exist regarding third-party reproduction are there to make sure everyone involved is informed and protected. But they don’t have to be an overwhelming quagmire of legalese! Our case managers will walk you through every step so you can feel secure and knowledgeable about the process. We’re here to help clarify, answer questions, and provide expert guidance from start to finish.


Truth: We’re here for you

The best way to dispel any fears or concerns about third-party reproduction is to learn about the process. The Bright Expectations team is here to provide you with all the information you need to make the best decision for your family. Don’t let these myths and misconceptions keep you from building the family of your dreams. 


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