An Egg Donor Shares Her Experience During Her Egg Donation Journey

becoming an egg donor

When you’re thinking about becoming an egg donor, research is all part of the process. You’ve probably looked into what’s involved, what the requirements are, and maybe even explored a bit of the science behind egg donation. But when it comes to getting an idea of what it’s actually like to be an egg donor, nothing compares to hearing from someone who’s done it themselves. They get it, they’ve been there, and they have the stories to share.

One of our amazing egg donors here at Bright Expectations agreed to share her adventure of going through the egg donation process from start to finish, being totally honest about her early worries, the side effects she had, and how she felt when it was all over. You can read the whole story here at the SCRC blog, but here’s a glimpse at what it’s really like being an egg donor with Bright Expectations.

She was ready to take on the challenge of a new experience.

Let’s face it, while egg donation is becoming more common all the time, when you’re the one going through it, the whole thing can be a little intimidating. At the beginning, our donor was a bit uncertain about what it would be like to change her lifestyle a bit for several weeks. For an active girl on the go, no running and no coffee was a big ask!

“I was quickly told that I would need to give up caffeine, alcohol, and exercising. The alcohol part did not really phase me, but no coffee or running? Two of my favorite things! Although I felt a little disappointed at first, I then reminded myself that everything worth doing required some sacrifices. These sacrifices may be a little difficult, but they’re nothing I can’t deal with. It will probably be good for me to give up coffee. I may be a healthier person at the end of this process!

I’ve begun to go through some caffeine withdrawals, which isn’t fun, but is certainly manageable. When I feel like I really want coffee I just remind myself that it’s only for a few weeks. I can handle anything for a few weeks. Maybe I won’t even want to drink coffee anymore after this month.”

Like any adventure story, there are a few challenges along the way. Egg donors are young and healthy, and usually haven’t spent a lot of time dealing with doctors, medications… and the big one for most people… needles! Our donor was pretty nervous about that part, but was ready to be brave.

“The thought of having to be around needles initially made me a little queasy, but after I looked at the big picture I decided that getting over my fear of needles would be nothing compared to the gift I would be giving to a very deserving couple…

…I have since moved past my fear of needles and I am about to start on my Lupron medication. After I start my Lupron injections (which I’ll have to give to myself), I will start the stimulation medications (also injections!) and take those for approximately two more weeks. It should be about three weeks total of medications before my egg retrieval. The process is a little scary because of the natural fear of the unknown, but it’s so exciting and rewarding at the same time!”

That excitement and generosity got her through the first few blood tests and injections, and then she found that it really wasn’t a big deal for her. In fact…

There were some unexpected bonuses along the way.

Choosing to become an egg donor takes courage and a big heart. It’s not a difficult process, but it’s something new and unfamiliar. Our donor’s motivation was to do something amazing for someone else, but she found that the experience had some gifts for her, too.

“I’m starting to think that I’ll come out of this experience not only healthier, but emotionally stronger. I will have stronger will power, a greater respect for my body, and the knowledge that I helped someone in a profound way. I was afraid that the more involved I became in the egg donor process the more “freaked out” I would become, but the opposite is happening…

…One of the great aspects of this experience is that it has given me a crash course in getting over my fear of needles and injections. I now feel like an old pro at having my blood drawn. But, one thing I’ve had to start doing recently is asking the lab technician to not always draw blood from my right arm. I need to have them switch back and forth or my veins become sore. A few months ago, reading what I’ve written above would have made me want to pass out, but I’m so far past my “squeamishness” at this point – it’s great!”

After having a good experience with Bright Expectations, she’d do it again!

When you decide to do something big like donating your eggs, it could seem like this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. After overcoming her fear of needles, weathering a few side effects from the medications, and going through a longer than expected wait for her trigger shot and egg retrieval, you might think our donor would be totally done. But no!

“I’ve been fully recovered from my egg retrieval for over a week now and I feel great! My period started sooner than expected and I was able to start exercising again. It was amazing how easy it was to get back into my old exercise routine. I took it easy the first few days to make sure I did not overexert myself and I waited a week to start abdominal workouts, but I was surprised at how well my body responded. I had no abdominal cramping and I feel great. After cutting out alcohol and coffee for almost a month I don’t crave it anymore!

I feel like I’ve had an unintentional body cleanse. I never thought I would feel healthier after this process, but I do! I already have another couple that’s interested in me and I should be able to start in a month or two.”

The agency you choose matters.

The fact that our donor had such a positive journey through egg donation that she was ready to do it all over again means everything to us. Honest communication, strong support, and exceptional care are so important, so that egg donors have a quick and smooth recovery. The final goal of egg donation is to help a family in need have the baby they’ve always dreamed of, but at Bright Expectations the first priority is making sure that you as a donor have a good experience.

You deserve the best care in the world while you are doing this incredible, generous service. Bright Expectations is partnered with the Southern California Reproductive Center, which is one of the top fertility clinics in the country. This means that as an egg donor, you are being treated by amazing doctors in world-class state-of-the-art facilities. The Roxbury Surgery Center, where your egg retrieval takes place, specializes in women’s health and uses the latest technology and techniques. Our world-class ART laboratory makes sure that those precious eggs you’ve worked so hard to grow are also treated with the greatest care.

The right agency will make sure you have all the information you need, including access to experts who can answer all of your questions. You should never be left wondering what’s going to happen next and you should feel totally supported at every stage. If hearing our donor’s story has inspired you, the next step is to find an egg donation agency that makes you feel cared for, comfortable, and fully prepared. You’re the star of this show!

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